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Spyker brand profile

The founder of the Spyker brand - Johannes Sumpe

  "SPYKER" is the founder of "British Stringing Piano" and "Father of Commercial Piano" - Mr. Johannes Zumpe in 1763 in Birmingham, England. The piano brand created by the “Huangma” brand has a history of more than 200 years. Since the birth of the "SPYKER" brand, "SPYKER" has always been a luxury and restrained personality, popular in all kinds of high-end occasions in developed countries in Europe and America, is a symbol of the high-end group identity and taste of developed countries in Europe and America.

  In March 1726, the founder of SPYKER Piano was born in a musical family in France. He loved art since childhood. At the age of 9, his father sent him to an art school to go to school. road......

  After the British Empire defeated France, Spain, the Netherlands and other European countries in 1763, the British Empire of the Middle Ages then established colonies around the world, and Mr. Johannes Zumpe, who was at the time, insisted on borrowing from the British Empire. The favorable conditions of the colonies around the world, the works were passed to the celebrities of the world and the royal family. In 1763, the "SPYKER" and "HUANGMA Realma" brands were registered in the UK. The two brands were named and born in the world.

  Artistic creation is always the most persistent person. The founder of Spyker Piano, Johannes Zumpe, has lived up to the hope of developing a heavy touch, deep and solid, powerful "British Stringing Piano" in 1766. .

  In 1769, the founder of Spyker Piano, Johannes Zumpe, created a "stacked interactive lever action machine" based on Mr. Mozart's valuable opinions, so that he could work for a long time without losing the rhythm of the soul. importance.

  In the 18th and 19th centuries, SPYKER's lofty ideals and great efforts, invented and created countless precious top crafts and miracles, laid a solid foundation for the SPYKER brand's global strategy.

  In 1774, the Spyker invented the "suspended back anti-resonance pickup board mark", its tension effect fully guarantees the stability and non-deformation of the mark, so that the sound quality is more clear and pure without losing the tone.

  In 1796, the famous Clementi used the "SPYKER" horizontal piano to perform classical piano music for the royal family in the British Royal Palace...

  After Napoleon became the emperor of the Italian kingdom in 1806, he formulated a series of strategies for strengthening the country and determined to develop Italy into a real rich country in Europe. The strategy of strengthening the country through culture and art is particularly prominent. Therefore, the company’s high-level resolution, the son of Johannes Zumpe’s son, Johannes Burenham, achieved the next important strategy in Italy, established a production base in southern Europe, and developed the father’s “British-style action machine”. "Compared with Mr. Shi Tai's wife, Vitana's action machine is a step-by-step hammer-type stringer piano compatible with the merchants. The piano was popular in European countries at that time.

  In 1814, in celebration of the end of the "Napoleonic era", the British Empire was in the revival of the "Peace Europe" celebration, the Emperor handed the "SPYKER" nine-foot piano for the event.

  In 1834, at the National Theatre of Poland, members of the Chopin family played with the "SPYKER" piano and gave high praise. The "SPYKER" piano is popular in Europe for hotels, hotels, families and high-end venues. Since then, the "SPYKER" piano has become more "noble and noble".

  In 1876, the "SPYKER" nine-foot supreme series won the Golden Bell Award at the French International Musical Instrument Exhibition.

  In 1898, the company's president of the famous Kempinski Hotel in Germany and Europe identified the commercial piano supply contract for its distributed lobby.

  In 1933, the "SPYKER" Spyker piano was selected as the most collectible item with BMW at the Geneva International Luxury Fair.

  In 1986, the Group's Hong Kong R&D Center has experienced many years of bitterness. In the cutting-edge core process of centuries of sedimentation, it has infiltrated a large number of top-level high-tech technologies, creating the first generation of high-quality "HUANGMA Royal Ma" and "SPYKER" series of digital and intelligent pianos in Southeast Asia. . "SPYKER" is another culmination of the world. It is rooted in Asia. Under the efforts of many parties, "SPYKER" and "HUANGMA Royal Ma" together with the company's three international brands in 2006 with Hong Kong Huadu The Group has established a “Hubei Huadu Piano Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Assembly Base)” with an annual output of 300,000 pianos in China. The products have been integrated into the lives of Asian people, realizing the “SPYKER” people can bring the juice to Europe. The lineage works, close range, low-cost service to Asian consumers' dreams.

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